Exhibition Happening stories

We are delighted to invite you to the exhibition "Happening stories" by the artist Julián Villafañe, which will be from May 28th to November 30th at the Eurostars Thalia 5* in Prague. We are very excited to continue enriching the Prague art scene with works so full of life, energy, color and with so many interesting stories behind each work, we are extremely happy with the cooperation with @eurostarshotels and their very nice spaces. 

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The quality Artists and prestige of the artworks that we promote come from the commitment to exhibit 100% dedicated artists engaged to constantly evolve, that's why when acquiring one of our original artworks you are not only investing in the current international art market, but you are contributing to the continuous growth of our artists 

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Our art is unique and original, we are one of the few places in central Europe where you can get special offers from genuine Latin-American and international artists. We have original artworks, but as well giclee prints, engraves, sculptures, ceramic murals, photography's, drawings and collage. 


We offer a wide range of original artworks to decorate your house, but at the same time we will be delighted to design with you all the interiors of your home, we can help you choosing the best colors, textures, materials, furniture and more. 

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