What we offer in the creative Art Lessons?

- Learn all the artistic techniques on paper and canvas: graphite, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, Chinese ink, watercolours, acrylic paint, oil colour painting.

- Learn how to look at a model and interpret what you see on paper.

- Learn how to lead your life in a more creative way.

- Relax and be happier.

- Use your free time in a productive way.

- Learn how to express your ideas in a practical way.

- Meditate in a natural way while you are drawing.

- Be a person with more awareness of the world around you.

- fill in your being with good energy and love.

- Make the world a better place to live.

- Join small groups of 6 participants.

Art Lessons


What do you need

- The real wish to have a good time and open up to creativity.

- Comfortable clothes that can be stained and an apron.

- The following materials according to each module:

- Graphite pencils HB, 3B, 6B, charcoals, Eraser, sharpener, Soft pastels, Oil pastels.

- Inks,  Watercolors, Acrylic paints, oil colors.

- Brushes of different sizes, Pull, scissors.

- A3 paper, for pencil drawing and for watercolors.

- Hard canvas

- Zoom call application.

Online reservation

Book your session. We will confirm your reservation via email.

Frequently asked questions:

- Can I start the course without any knowledge of art? Yes, you can, you will learn how to use the materials and how to express yourself on paper.

- Should I have an easel? For the first Lessons you need to have a table where you can place the paper and draw. Then you can buy a table easel. You will need a surface to fix the paper.

- How will you see my artwork? You can place your phone or computer in a suitable way that the camera focuses on the paper, to make me able to correct your work.

- How many sheets of paper do I need for each lesson? For the first lessons, 2 sheets of bond paper. As we move forward in the lessons you will use only one sheet and better paper.

- What happens if the drawing goes wrong? During the class I will first give the instructions and you will see me drawing, then you will draw at your own pace. If the drawing does not suit you, you can repeat it alone at home, for each lesson I will assign you a homework to practice.