Francisco Itriago


The art of these works is perceived as the impact on the person who observes them, not only by the simple communication, by the message, but also by the power of getting people wonder, about what the work itself offers. Although Francisco Itriago does not want to talk about his work - as he says, his intentionality could lead to the loss of the sense of adventure- in these landscapes seem to be revealed random and crazy paintbrush strokes which arise as the reaction to the words sounding in the body, afterwards transferred on canvas as traces for the gaze of the spectator. The structural distribution of elements and the use of color do not come from any teacher or any translation of nature. There is something about the repetitive pictorial gesture which finds a limit, when the lines appear; and that might be read as an attempt to establish the order where all tend to be mixed together, there arise signs of the picture in picture (PiP). But also the composition of the lines indicates the necessity to spread the internal logic that lives in the work. This decomposition becomes the engine of each stroke. The resulting work does not belong only to perception, not even to the field of representation. It's about the appearance indivisible to knowledge and meaning. The paintings of Francisco Itriago are not important because of they say but because of what they hide. It is necessary to accept artist's lure as a condition to get to the root of the truth: it is the writing of the wish, the moment of the search, the presence of the absence. Raquel Baloira.