Guillermo Bermúdez was born in Maracaibo (Venezuela). He grew up in the city of Caracas where the artistic and cultural background built his knowledge in the arts.He studied and got a degree in anthropology in Central University of Venezuela. At the same time he had been developing his artistic skills mainly in plastic arts.These studies led him to work as a museology assistant, and recently as an audiovisual producer and director at Kandela Films.On the strength of his anthropological culture, the artist has understood the hidden connection between the polyphony of sound and the rhythm of color, and discovered the importance of music, which is an integral part both in conceptual and formal elements.In his works, Guillermo superimposes layers of paintings where different contextual elements coexist in order to create a unique language waiting to be unveiled by others. The viewer contemplates an important part of the creation process, and with his/her interpretation completes the work of the artist