Julián Villafañe


As species of hives, the artist plays with space to plastically deconstruct the forms of our social practices. A school, a hotel, a copy center, an open place, or a garden coexist in the same work poetically telling a sociocultural daily. Villafañe reflects on the individual, the couple, the fragmented world. Relying on the textile element, his work represents an ode to space which lends itself to work around the idea of ​the collective. Obsessive, in "Dolls" the artist seems to leave behind the theme that prevailed in his earlier works: the Ice cream men, to focus in his new obsession: the dolls. He is asked about it on the phone and a persistent and passionate voice tells you: "Before I was closed to the Ice cream men theme because of the social opportunity that it gave me, but the plastic part did not quite grew. A painting shows that there are more characters and the ice cream men is only one of them", "besides", he continues, "the anatomy of the dolls is more graceful than the human anatomy. Today I realize that the gesture matters little, what matters is the method. "
Patricia Rojas