KBSV - Katerina Bohac & Sujana Villafañe


Katerina Bohac Linares - Sujana Villafane Bohac  Artist - Architect The style developed by these two creators is Geometric - Abstract. Geometric elements are represented in the pieces fused to abstract painting, The golden color represents light and highlights the elegance and simplicity of the form, this minimal representation is complemented by the complexity of the colors mixed in an organic way, representing a plastic investigation that is nourished with each artwork.

Katerina Bohac is a Venezuelan Czech artist, living in Prague since 2008. 

The first years of her life were spent in a beautiful, warm, pure and prosperous country: Venezuela. There she studied art in the best universities. She always had the dream of living in Prague. Thanks to her Czech roots, she was able to join this society. In 2011 she founded and directed the Latin Art gallery in Prague, which she keep going until May 2020. 

She has exhibited her artworks in Venezuela, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovak Republic, Germany, the United Arab Emirates by International artists managment, and now in Spain represented by the Miluna gallery.


Sujana Villafaňe She is an architect, an artist, a dreamer...

She was born in Venezuela where she did a Bachelor's studies in Architecture. Motivated by her Czech roots she moved to Prague where she did a master's in Architecture and Urbanism at the Czech Technical University. She is passionate about the conceptual process of the design of an architectural project, where research and creativity melt together. She was dedicated to social and participatory Architecture, started in Venezuela, with her bachelor's thesis, doing the research in a segregated slum in Maracaibo city. She conceived Architecture as an open window for interaction between different artistic expressions, as a way to transform realities, as a medium for life.