10 Individual Art Lessons with Katerina Bohac

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What you will learn:

Introduction and preliminary drawings

Module 1 - Drawing with Graphite. Blurring/smudging Techniques, the composition, flowers drawing, Cup and face exercises for the double brain.

Module 2 - Learning to see. Drawing with Graphite, Inverted drawing, drawing a Picasso model, the horse.

Module 3 - Drawings with charcoal. Contour drawing, the blurred hand, charcoal hand. The Courbet portrait.

Module 4 - Portrait and self-portrait. Inverted drawing with charcoal. Looking straight ahead, Easy portrait, Profile portrait,

Module 5 - The form in the space, positive and negative aspects. Charcoal drawings. Soft pastels drawing. The coat.

Module 6 - The perspective. Pencil drawings, ink drawing, the wave.

Module 7 - The beauty of color. Watercolor drawings and painting, landscapes, flowers etc.

Module 8 - Acrylic painting, palette of colors, complementary colors. First work on canvas. Painting with the masters.

Module 9 - Oil painting

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