Face to Face Art Workshops

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Ideal for Companies and small groups.

These workshops are recommended for adults who want to develop the full capability of the brain. usually, we use the left side of the brain which organizes, counts and makes all rational functions. The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, everything irrational, it is in the holistic hemisphere, which is intuitive, thinks in images, symbols, senses, and emotions. It has the imaginative, fantastic, spatial and perception capacity. Through the image, we can help our brain to develop its full capacity.

We will do Drawing with Graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink and painting with watercolor and acrylic colors.

Capacity 8 to 10 people / Price per person 50 Eur.

We could provide some materials, easels, brushes, pallets, aprons.

The length of the workshop is 4 hours, to be held in the placed agreed with the client. This workshop is available in UAE - Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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50.00 €

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